PV-iTeach | 9 - Solar Radiation and Solar Geometry

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This is a basic course in solar radiation and solar geometry preparing for more deeper studies in solar cell technology and PV applications. The course will give the basic knowledge of the source of solar radiation which is needed to understand the physics for conversion of solar radiation into electricity in solar cells, but also how parameters like tilt and direction of solar cell installations will affect the electricity output both momentarily and on a long-term basis.
All calculation of solar cell performance, whether it is hand-made calculation or from use of more advanced simulation programs, has information of solar radiation as a basic input, and this information can be either measured data, calculated date or based on simplified assumptions. It is therefore important to understand both what kind of input the result is based on to be able to understand the output and it accuracy.
This course is recommended as a basic course for anyone that want to study solar energy technologies in depth in the future.

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