Solar flares: Dynamics of energy release, particle acceleration and energy partitions


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  • hochgeladen 21. Mai 2024

Solar flares are explosive phenomena that cover a range of heights in the solar atmosphere. Flares

are observed as transient brightenings throughout the electromagnetic spectrum that may last from a

few seconds to many hours and display a multitude of appearances over various phases of their

development. The solar flares release their energy via still poorly understood magnetic reconnection

in the solar corona. In this talk I will present the methodology and current state-of-the-art of coronal

magnetic field and plasma measurements in flares with microwave imaging spectroscopy data. I will

give examples of evolving maps of coronal magnetic field, describe the regions showing the most

prominent decay of the magnetic field releasing the free energy that drives the flare phenomenon,

evaluate efficiency of the nonthermal particle acceleration and trapping, demonstrate how these new

constraints help devising 3D models of solar flares, and discuss evolution of the energy partitions in

the course of the flare.